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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  February 8, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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quote, looked like a stripper show. listen to this exchange. >> when you were seeing the half-time show, you're sitting there with your kids, what did you think as a mom and what were you saying to them? >> well, the first thing i realized is that it looked like, um -- it looked like a stripper show. >> i'm going to need everyone to take a breath. now, feel free to debate and disagree about the aesthetic, musical or artistic value of beyonce's performance but once you start blaming electrical engineering failures or moral dissenter grags on a married mom and business woman, you have entered into woman blaming like pan dora, a woman who opens a box and unleashes miserable on the world or eve who ate the apple. now it's beauyonce, with sunday
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afternoon football punctuated by go daddy commercials. right. these are the stories we tell and they have consequences. in 2010 when conservative candidates campaigned on improving the economy? as far as i can tell the main target of all that economy-improving legislative energy was women's uteruses, which were targeted with a number of new laws restricting abortion access. it's like they think women making their own reproductive choices not wall street making bad bettes brought down the economy. rachel will be back on monday. i'll see you tomorrow morning and sunday 10:00 am eastern. it's time now for the last word. have a great night. hello, i'm alex wagner in tonight for lawrence o'donnell. republicans don't know how to quit grover nor quist. thelma do anything to avoid
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breaking up with him. chris hayes and governor howard dean join me to talk about dooms day sequester politics. today bubba told us what it will bring back these two little words, speaker pelosi. and from chris christie's weight to hillary clinton's face to karl rove's pathological fear of ashley judd, it could not have been a weirder week for politics. all this is coming up. first an update on the storm hitting the northeast. >> alex, thanks to you. i'm craig melvin. here is the very latest on that winter storm. new york transit authority has suspended the system that goes into kkds. rhode island and new york with limited in maine as well. governors have issued travel bans this afternoon for all
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nonessential vehicles. nearly 5,000 flights have been canceled so far. amtrak suspended northbound service out of new york's penn station earlier tonight. this was governor chris christie earlier tonight. >> the overall safety issues is an obvious one, stay home. >> let's go to bill karins with the latest on this. what can you tell us? >> we're halfway through with our blizzard. that we know for sure. some areas are fairing well and some are doing as bad as we thought they would, rhode island up toward the boston area. let me show you the wind gusts. now we're cutting it to the peak winds of this storm. new haven, north wind at 47. that's not even off the water. that's impressive. gust gusts from 50 to 60 miles per hour all up the eastern mass and rhode island as we've gone throughout the last two to three hours. we have about 50 to 100,000 people without power estimated right now, especially in eastern new england. the white on the map shows you where the snow is.
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heaviest snow band right up through the center of connecticut. already reports of 12 to 14 inches widespread throughout the state of connecticut. even rhode island reporting over a foot. we're well on our way to getting our two foot totals. if you look down to the bottom of the screen there, you notice new york city and jersey didn't have a lot of snow over the next couple of hours. now it's starting to fill in a little bit. it's a little too late. this storm is moving very quickly. look at it on satellite imagery. you can see it just to the south. it's even past cape cod now. for new york city, you have two to four inches on the ground. you'll get another two to three by the time it's all said and done. new york city it's a tough forecast from the start. if there's one city that would be considered a bust, maybe that would be it. heaviest snow shifts, rhode island, massachusetts, new hampshire, coastal maine. we'll be ending the snow in the overnight hours. adirondacks, catskills, poconos
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and new jersey. we'll have blowing snow out there. heavy accumulating snows will be ending during the overnight hours. if anything, the storm is moving a little faster than expected. a lot of us will actually wake up with no snow falling from the sky saturday morning. the storm total forecast, new york city at 6 to 10, down to 4 to 8. we have a shot of getting 18 or so around hartford. boston, somewhere between six to ten inches. you have a shot of getting up to 24 or 306789 may have to lower that a little bit. you still have a good chance at a two foot snow storm. portland you are going to end up getting your 18 to 20 foot. bottom line is we have a crippling blizzard shutting down all transportation. >> want to bring in weather channel meteorologist mike seidel live on the ground in
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revere, massachusetts. what's the scene there, mike? >> reporter: hey, craig. we're still checking the brunt of this blizzard. we've had wind gusts nearby logan airport 60 miles an hour. to the south and east of here toward the cape we've had gusts to hurricane forces, 74. nantucket, 69. it's these east and north facing beaches that we're concerned with tonight and tomorrow with extreme beach erosion. high tide right now. that's going to go out, come back in. the worst of the high tides will be the next one, saturday morning around 9:30 or 10:00, we'll have surge issues. also big breakers as high as 20 footers hitting these beaches south of here. like sedgewick where police have asked those in beach front homes to get to higher ground. no stranger to flooding. and power companies saying if power goes out, it could be out for at least three days. speaking of that, the two major power companies in massachusetts, end star and national grid now reporting
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143,000 customers without power. that number has tripled in the past 90 minutes. that will likely go up with these wind gusts over 60 miles an hour. that's taking trees and limbs down over power lines. the wind is beginning to shift a little bit. now an east-northeasterly wind, blowing the snow sideways. the sea wall is keeping the water out of the street here on revere beach boulevard. long way to go. measuring two-foot drifts as the snow continues to come down. we get these winds up over 60 miles an hour. we'll likely have five, six-foot drifts before this wraps up later on saturday morning. a big storm. already tomorrow they've canceled at least 240 flights at logan airport. another tough day to fly out of the northeast. although things will ramp back up, i think, in short to full service certainly by sunday midday. craig, that's the latest from revere beach. we'll be hunkered here all night and updating you from the weather channel. >> mike, do appreciate that.
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stay safe, good sir. i'm craig melvin. when we come back, alex wagner is is in for laurps o'donnell on this friday night. she'll show you why democrats believe they might be able to take back the house from republicans. plus, howard dean and chris hayes will be on "the last word," next. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day,
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7:10 pm's my job to look after it. ♪ i'm alex wagner in for lawrence o'donnell. we have much more of "last word" on the way. guess who is scarier to republicans in congress, al qaeda or grover norquist? here is a hint. they'll only cross one of them.
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what republicans are now call ing obama-quester is next. bill clinton gets frank with the democratic party about 2014 expectations and going on fox news to reveal just how scared ashley judd really makes him. rove versus judd continues, that's coming up. the state of our union is -- ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact to clean 50% more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning.
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and now swiffer wet and dry refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell. we're building the youngest, most modern fleet among the largest us airlines to ensure that you are more comfortable and connected than ever. we are becoming a new american. put away -- it's time for your doomsday sequester. or as john mccain likes to tweet it, #obamaquester. >> both sides are digging in for
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the next washington crisis. >> it is still the economy. >> doomsday machine. >> 85 billion in cuts. >> what's getting cut? the pentagon. >> we're only a few weeks away from this. >> it doesn't make any political sense. >> it would be brutal for everybody. >> devastatiing effects on the economy. >> pushes us into a second recession, something so terri e terrible -- >> all right. settle down. >> they recognize that the sequester is a bad idea. >> i don't like the sequester. >> we see the republicans playing games. >> this is the wrong time for sequest sequestration. >> both sides are sort of okay with it. >> doing nothing is easier than doing something. >> republicans say cuts but no taxes. >> these cuts cost job. >> they don't even want to talk about it. >> who are the monsters who came up with the sequestration idea? >> guess what, they all support it. congress put it into place to force themselves to agree. >> dumbe esest blame game in
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washington. it's time for another round of republican would you rather. we'll call this the sequester edition. today's question, would you rather go up against al qaeda or grover norquist? republican senator lindsey graham said al qaeda would love the defense cuts in the sequester to take effect. >> our enemies would love this to happen. i'm sure iran is very supportive of sequestration. i'm sure al qaeda training camps all over the world would be pleased with the fact that sequestration would gut the cia. >> republican armed services ranking member jim inhoff agrees it would be dire but not as dire as breaking the pledge to grover norquist. >> it's in the desperate enough that you can start raising taxes. >> obstacle to the republican
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republicans -- same as it ever was, their absolute refusal to agreeing to even a dollar of new tax revenue. they believe they can shift the blame this time to president obama. today, speaker boehner's office was sending around "call obama sequester's bluff." republicans should continue to refuse to make any concessions or compromise with the white house, he says, even write iing script for them. we are quite prepared to cut elsewhere but we already raised taxes last month. if the presses wants to avoid the sequester as we do, he must offer a substitute set of cuts. otherwise, mr. president, there is nothing to discuss. your sequester, republicans need to reiterate the sequester was the president's idea in the first place, will go ahead. the sequester was the president's idea? that's what the republicans want you to believe. the speaker's office has even created the #obamaquester.
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let's travel back in time to the great ceiling debt debacle of 2011. here is what president obama was demanding. >> at minimum we've got to raise the debt ceiling. so, that's the bare minimum that has to be achieved. >> here is what john boehner and the republicans in the house were demanding. >> the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes on job creators. the house could only pass a debt limit bill that includes spending cuts larger than the hike in the debt limit as well as real restraints on future spending. >> and here is what john boehner said when the final bill was si signed into law with the dreaded sequester. >> when you look at this final agreement that we came to with the white house, i got 98% of what i wanted. i'm pretty happy. >> to his credit, that's how republicans lindsey graham remembers it as well. >> as john will say it with
7:17 pm
straight talk, we have our fingerprints as republicans on this proposal, on this sequestration idea. it was the president's idea, according to bob woodward's book, but we as the republican party gagreed to it. we got in this mess together and we're going to have to get out together. >> joining me now are howard dean, former vermont governor and dnc chairman and chris hayes, host of msnbc's "up with chris hayes." gentlemen, thank you both for joining me. governor, youtube is an amazing thing, is it not? lest we forget republicans have their fingerprints all over the sequester. >> they look like such pathetic whiners and wimps. he voted for the damn thing, right? now he's trying to give somebody else responsibility. that is not leadership. leadership is saying i take the responsibility because i did this. at the end he doesn't look too bad. okay, we've got to get out of
7:18 pm
this together. they are whining and moaning and weeping, oh, this is someone else's idea. it's not going to fly with the american people. >> it's an underestimation of the american public. >> it is. >> graham voted no actually however john boehner and many would say the republican leadership voted sequester. chris? >> the fundamental problem here is that the approach has been to figure out a way to bind future versions of the house. lindsey graham is trying to say i want to make sure you do the right thing, lindsey graham. and to do that i'm going to put this bind around you in the future. but you can always just vote how you're going to vote in the future, right? i've seen this with people who tried to quit smoking or drinking. >> like padlocking the refrigerator door. >> it's exactly like that, padlocking the refrigerator door. then you go out to the corner bar or buying a pack of cigarettes and throwing out the pack and smoke one cigarette.
7:19 pm
then you buy another pack, right? they keep trying to bind their future behavior. the problem is that they had the exact same political incentives in every single moment. >> what that is is terrible leadership in the congress. they didn't use to do this. there's no leadership. boehner's problem is not the fact that he's a terrible speaker. i don't think he is. his problem is that he will not stand up to the radical right wing of his party. >> he has to create these hostage situations to get people in line. >> and lately it's gotten worse for him. if that keeps on he will not be speaker this time next year. >> whether he does what he just did in the lame duck, which is throw out the so-called hassert rule. it will just pass with a majority of democratic votes and a minority of republicans. >> and basically hand power to nancy pelosi. >> again. that has been the precedent. >> governor, a lot of talk -- there's been a lot of talk about
7:20 pm
defense cuts, which certainly are half of the sequester. there are other programs being cut. 9.4% to unemployment benefits, 600,000 children and women lose food aid, 10,000 teachers fired. they're trying to emerge from the rock of being unsympathetic to the working poor, the middle class. you have these sequester cuts take place that undermines any argument. >> i depart from democratic orthodoxy in this one. i so bad want to cut all the fat out of the pentagon that i'm willing to do this. it's terrible. i hope we can restore some of the things. 2% medicaid cuts don't have any effect on patient care whatsoever. it is true that there are some bad cuts in there from a democratic point of view. we are never again going to get a chance to cut the pentagon back from where it's been. pentagon hasn't had any significant cuts for 30 years. a lot of money that's going to be cut is money that was not asked for but the pentagon was put in by bloated congress people who wanted to do stuff
7:21 pm
for people in their district. i'm a fairly hawkish on defense, but this is an enterprise that hasn't been touched for 30 years and this may be our only chance. >> that's interesting sort of where the two sides come together, which is to say members of the progressive left think this is the only time we're going to get these defense cuts and deficit hawks, conservatives, tea partiers are putting moderate republicans in a bind saying this is cutting our deficit. let's go for it. >> the grand irony, of course, is the fact that the number -- if you poll people their number one issue is jobs, right? it continues to be jobs. and $120 billion austerity crunch, the numbers being bantered around, in exchange for the sequester, which is like $85 billion. whatever it is, right, that's a big chunk. that will have an effect, negative jobs effect, no question. >> it is going to have an effect, i agree with you, chris. here is what i think. i think it is a risk. there will probably be a small recession. we had a .1 decrease in gdp last
7:22 pm
time. this deficit is a real problem. this is where i depart from paul. who am i to depart from paul? a nobel laureate. >> we'll ask him. >> this is about the best deal we'll get out of the right-winged crazy people in the house. >> because it's balanced and -- >> it doesn't really touch -- there's no better deal progressives are going to get out of this other than going over the cliff. >> i'm so worried about austerity and -- >> europeans did it wrong. we had throw years of recovery relative to europe. if we're ever going to take the hit this is a better time to take t if this were three years ago, i would be arguing right with you. i think we can take a chance. when are we going to get the chance to take these cuts in the pentagon or take a bite out of the deficit? i think it's worth it. >> now twittering dean quester. >> if he would stop blaming someone else other than himself and man up and take
7:23 pm
responsibility. >> kris hayes, i'm sure your guests will have much more explaining on kicking the can down the road. >> thank you. ousted fox news contributor says he's on a mission for the republican party. bill clinton dishes advice to democrats, looking to take back the house. what is his winning plan? and karl rove is still really scared about his senate seat in kentucky. what bush's brain is planning to do to stop a hollywood liberal who hasn't even said she's running. karl rove versus ashley judd. round two is coming up. and why can't we be friends? please. please, america, like the last word on facebook. please.
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malala yousafzai, who survived an attack by the taliban last october is out of the hospital and in her home in birmingham, england. her father now works for pakistan's consulate in birmingham. members of the nor weenlg wegia they've nominated her for a nobel peace prize. possible senate run of ashley judd, who does her own stunts in movies. karl rev has revealed that he is
7:28 pm
very, very afraid of a judd candidacy, despite the fact that ashley judd has not even entered the race. it's just one of the really odd political stories this week, coming up. i'm grant weber and... i sell subarus to dogs. from hunting dogs... you see this will tell you your mileage and how far you've gone if you're on a trip. to lap dogs. let's talk financing. i'll get you a great deal. i think i can make you a happy dog. once you sit in a subaru, you'll stay.
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so how bad does president obama want to govern with the democratic majority in the house of representatives? the president has already agreed to headline at least eight fund-raisers for house democrats ahead of the 2014 election. roll call reports that obama's agreement to help dccc chairman steve israel of new york make the sell to would-be candidates is targeted districts is significant. it's transformational, israel said in an interview, adding that house democrats are firing on all cylinders like i've never seen before. the president's efforts to assist house democrats politically are more than israel initially even asked for. 17 seats to retake the majority. house democrats gathered at their annual retreat in virginia where they received this advice from bill clinton.
7:32 pm
>> the republicans are going to try very hard to not make it as easy for you to win by a negative reference. that is, there were some places where we won because people saw what they wanted to do and they didn't like it and all of you sounded better. whoa now will have to have an affirmative agenda. >> he also advised democrats on how to campaign on guns. >> i think we ought to stay with this issue, but you can do it in a way that recognizes that there are people out there that aren't supposed to be part of our demographic. they're thinking about this, too. they're not making a living as part of a washington lobby group. they were sick when those children were killed. i guarantee you what a lot of people were where i grew up, were asking themselves the following practical question, if that young man had had to load
7:33 pm
three times as often as he did, would all those children have been killed. so turn into this. treat these people as our friends, our neighbors, people we share our country with. >> while democrats are receiving advice from the most popular politician in america, republicans will receive advice from the most misguided political pundit in america. before his dismissal from fox news, dick morris predicted republicans would take the white house and senate and today he tells the national review, i'm trying to explore ways in which the republican party can make itself viable nationally. now i'm kind of a man with a mission. i showed democrats how to move to the center. now i want to help do the same thing with the republican party. i've got a pretty good track record of getting presidents and senators and governors elected and i think that gives me credibility to talk to my fellow republicans. joining me now, msnbc's karen finney and hugo, editor of the
7:34 pm
times magazine. karen, there are many democrats who would say, dick norris, please, go ahead, give all the advice you want. at the end of the day, it's a really interesting dynamic in the house. democrats actually have some power here to pass legislation. >> right. that's exactly right. i mean, even in the last session, we know that a majority of the things that actually got done got done because nancy pelosi help ed make sure it happened. the reality is john boehner is very ham strung here. he does not have a lot of power in terms of his own caucus. he does rely on pelosi and the democrats to get some things done. so, part of what that means, though, that gives democrats leverage going into this legislative session. and we're already in a position where somehow the republicans missed the whole huge, glaring, neon sign of a message coming out of the last election and thenk they can -- boehner, you heard him. it's the same talking points
7:35 pm
that they've already lost on. i think democrats are in a much better, stronger position than we have been in, in a very long time. >> hugo, it's important to always heed the words of bill clinton if you're a democratic stat gist. i thought it was interesting that he did caution the house democrats not to get too comfortable playing the crazy card vis-a-vis republicans and we have to have an affirmative vision, not just that we're the better party. >> political action, something he was very effective at and is a model. it's not just a model for the democrats. clinton was speaking and i was like, maybe he should have been at the republican retreat. >> if they knew what was good for them, he should zblb wouldn't that have made some news? >> deficit hawks they are. i want to play some sound bite from bill clinton's advice to democrats. this is his advice over immigration and demographics and
7:36 pm
sort of leave no stone unturned. >> right. >> let's take a listen to what he said. >> if you're going to stir up a storm over health care, over immigration, you have to turn into them not away from them. you cannot assume that people -- that you look at and say that's not my demographic. we have nothing to say to them. they have nothing to say to us. >> that's part and parcel about how to talk about guns. you can't dismiss parts of the country. you can't dismiss people that you think aren't in your demographic. >> that was part of the president's gift when he ran for president, coming from a very red state. but also it's something that democrats have been working on, frankly, since i was at the dnc in 2005. and that is we know, polls show that a majority of americans agree with us on the issues. we actually sincerely have a challenge in how we talk about issues. the republicans think that was their message, but it's actually not. and i think it's not going to work. what president clinton is talking about is exactly right.
7:37 pm
don't assume that we have nothing to say because we haven't necessarily talked to a particular group before, because actually, again, we're at a unique moment where we know people actually agree with us. so now is the perfect time to engage in the conversation and let's engage in the conversation in a way that doesn'tbarriers. that's the message that democrats are trying to work on and took away from president clinton's message. >> that's quite heartening, they are in a position of strength and unity to some degree and say let's not squander this opportunity but think wholesale about where we are as a party. conversely, republicans are operating from a weakened position and i can't get over these quotes. whenever a republican leader comes out and says we've got to change the direction in which we are heading, there is never any real concession to substantive policy changes. bobby jindal said i don't think it's just a marketing change or
7:38 pm
cosmetic changes. it's going to require serious changes, not in principles, but in the way we talk and act. it's not cosmetic but at the end of the day it is cosmetic. >> it is for now. you'll see an evolution of some kind in the republican party, maybe not through all aspects of it, but there will be opportunities for new leadership in the republicans and it will be interesting to see how that develops over the many months. >> karen? >> part of the challenge that the republican party has right now, particularly in these districts, that the hens have come home to roost, focusing on this increasingly narrow part of their base, that that's who they rely on. as they try to expand their message and their tent, it's going to be a challenge to hold on to that fair right. >> there's a challenge for the democrats, too. they are feeling pretty cocky right now and they really think -- they have to have some legislative success. they literally have to put points on the board. i think it's great to talk about this. it's nice to have clinton show up at your retreat, give you
7:39 pm
that sage advice of the ages. >> follow it. >> but they've got to pass genuine gun control. >> right. >> gun control is going to be a long-term issue for the democrats. they can't think it's not going to get done in one bill. it's a long-term thing. they've got to get ready for that and set it and really go to work. >> in other words, heed the advice of bill clinton or else. karen finney and hugo lindgren, thank you for joining me. from fallon to letterman, just what the comedians ordered. week one of retirement for now and she's still voted most popular. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages.
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[ whispering ] i'm calling the cops. [ police siren wails, car horn blares ] crème. cookie. [ whispering ] you guys have to stop fighting. we're the cops. [ male announcer ] choose your side at ♪ don't know what i'd do ♪ i'd have nothing to prove [ male announcer ] zales is the diamond store. save 30 percent off an amazing selection storewide, now through sunday. it was hard to turn on a tv this week and not find someone talking about new jersey republican governor and possible 2016 candidate chris christie. bad news for governor christie, people weren't talking about his politics. they were talking about his
7:44 pm
weigh weight. >> i've made jokes about you, not just one or two, not just ongoing, here or there, intermittent, but -- >> i do have a couple that you did that actualry are some of my personal favorites. celebrity birthday, chris christie turned 50, he blew out the candles on his cake and he wished for another cake. >> i have done many fat christie jokes so governor, come on our show. >> i'm making the best effort i can. and sometimes i'm successful and other times i'm not. >> i've got hundreds more that you can read. >> and we have a better chair for you. >> my doctor continues to warn me that my luck is going to run out relatively soon. believe me, it's something that i'm very conscious of. >> it's happened for politics going back decades and decades. bill clinton used to get made fun of on "saturday night live" in terms of his weight. >> are you going to finish these
7:45 pm
fries? >> in terms of people in the state being concerned about whether or not it prevents me from being able to do my job effectively, i think they've seen the results of that. >> there's that word again, heavy. why are things so heavy in the future? is there a problem with the earth's gravitational pull? >> what? >> the latest poll from new jersey shows his approval rating at a whopping 70%. among democrats it's a robust 59%, 88% among republicans and 7 1% with independents. the economy could become a liability with unemployment in the state still at 9.6%. voters are split 45/46 when it comes to approving how governor christie is approving the economy. he is getting bipartisan support. responding to clinton's doctor, who said she is worried that he may die in office, david actixed
7:46 pm
said when i weigh all the facts i have to side with christie. leave the poor guy alone. he told her that she should shut up during a press conference and things got even worse. >> it was essentially the tone of the press conference, but louder. >> so he yelled at you? >> uh-huh. it was hard to get anything across, yeah. >> he pretty much yelled the whole time? >> uh-huh. >> joining me now to talk about this and the other weirdest political headlines of the week, the laverne & shirley of the washington post. it is always a good evening when we can close it out, almost, with the two of you. gentlemen, thanks for joining me. >> thanks. this is a pleasure to be here on friday night. >> thank god it's friday. >> after four days of talking about his weight, your thinking on governor christie, has he come out ahead of this issue? has he neutralized it in advance of any possible 2016 run? >> i think sam wants to weigh in on this one. >> i desperately want to weigh in on this one. i think he's neutral.
7:47 pm
he has this image of like the every man governor who has to struggle with his weight problems, much like the rest of the country. that being said it's totally legit to me that we're focusing on his weight issues because, you know, if we're going to elect these people, we should check the most rudimentary thing, which is are they in good physical health. >> my favorite part was that he told the doctor he was upset with her because she was trying to seize the spotlight by saying something outrageous. this is chris christie, upset with somebody -- just to get himself on national tv. cannot believe she would do that. outrageous! >> can we talk about the political calculus of calling a former white house doctor and yelling at her on the telephone? someone who is a republican at that. >> yeah. it's weird, right? she's trying to probably make more of a public policy point than he is by this, by pointing out that obesity is a major
7:48 pm
problem and that we should be concerned about it. and that, you know, you should take steps to deal with it prior to it becoming a major problem. so i do think, you know, it was worthwhile for her to say something. maybe she said it in the wrong way. and maybe being public about it, she probably could have sent a private communicae there. calling her up and berating her probably wasn't the best way to go. >> he needs to watch out for catching the sarah palin political disease, who kept doing crazy things and it kept working for her. she kept breaking all the political rules. >> oh, yeah. >> it worked and it worked and so she said there must be no political rules. i'm going to keep following my instincts. where did those lead her? >> you seem to think it's infallible and it blows up in your face. >> taking cues from sarah palin, not advisable. sticking with political controversies of the cosmetic, here is how things turned out
7:49 pm
for hillary clinton this week. >> fox news suddenly became fascinated with hillary clinton's latest look. >> days after retiring as secretary of state, hillary clinton, somebody has launched a new website for her, showing off this glamorous new face. face lift perhaps? >> face lift, that's fueling rumors about a run. >> really? >> for president in 2016, but her aides say it's simply a way for fans and her media to reach her. >> two hours after that comment, fox's steve doocy said saw some lefty blogs that i said hillary had a facelift. nope. i was saying hillary wb site had a new pic. >> really? >> i think my head shot has been touched at my instruction. >> i want to say a website is just a website. if you click on the contact button, look at all the
7:50 pm
information they want from you, your e-mail, your -- way to get back to you, contact information. something tells me that data is not just going to go away and they're going to throw it out. >> hillary's political future is looking quite good. she is america's favorite politician of those polled with a 61% favoritability rating. she out ranked the president and vice president as well as her replacement secretary of state john kerry. paul ryan is the first republican in the ratings, then marco rubio, jeb bush and speaker boehner. is it a taste of things to come if hillary runs in 2016? >> lefty blogs may be upset at steve doocy. i've seen other things on lefty blogs. i heard that steve doocy actually has calf implants. n now, i don't have any evidence to back that up whatsoever. >> no. >> but, you know, just put a
7:51 pm
question mark at that. can we put a question mark at the end of that? >> you're referring to, of course, his own personal blog being implanted -- >> sam thought about getting calf implants because we're on a basketball team together. >> that's why he only does television from the waist up. >> exactly. >> just kind of a vanity thing. >> there is a nugget of probably something actually worth discussing here, which is our national obsession with hillary clinton and also the way women are scrutinized in the public lens. >> oh, totally. totally. >> and hillary, in particular, is an incredible sort of sign post for what we'll call the male gaze, given the scrutiny of the way she looks in a ponytail or blackberrying or whatever it is. >> how often it always comes back to hillary. we've been having these same type of slip-ups from usually male commentators for two decades now, always revolving around her. i think part of what makes her such an appealing politician is her ability to sort of withstand
7:52 pm
and brush this off. and, you know, i think if she were to consider 2016, stuff like what steve doocy says only makes her a stronger, more appealing politician. people sympathize, just like people sympathize with criticisms of chris christie's weight, people sympathize with how hillary is put under a microscope because of her looks. you don't want to see people go through that. >> and the steve doocy camp is probably sympathizing with him right now. there are rurps out there about the calf implants. sad thing is that joe biden could probably go out and get a face lift, actual one and fox would not put -- >> they wouldn't care. >> one thing is for sure. this is not the last time we scrutinize hillary clinton's looks. moving on to the most absurd political battle this week, tea party versus karl rove versus -- wait for it -- ashley judd. >> someone who will never forget where she came from. >> and it just clicked. tennessee is home. and it just clicked.
7:53 pm
>> kentucky. >> is home. >> ashley judd, an obama-following radical hollywood liberal who is right at home here in tennessee. i mean kentucky. >> who could possibly be afraid of ashley judd? it turns out karl rove and mitch mcconnell are really, really afraid of ashley judd. >> is karl rove right, you have to be gate keepers? not you because you're not in the position but people like party chairs, fund-raisers? >> of course they are. but i don't know that karl rove, after his performance in 2012, should be the gate keeper. >> if some people think the best we can do is todd mourdoch -- excuse me, todd aiken and richard mourdoch, they're wrong. >> you made some mistakes but everybody makes mistakes. >> but he's already actually spending money, trying to stop one democrat from running for sena senate. >> poor ashley judd, come on now. you're calling her -- making fun of her. >> this is the opening act.
7:54 pm
she has said a bunch of stuff that the people of kentucky when they hear about it are are not going to like it. want to explain her radical views that she's got and in the weeks and months ahead we'll continue to introduce those radical views to the people of kentucky. >> we have but a moment left, sam and ryan. is bush's brain actually shaken by the woman who played reed halsey in the television show "sisters"? >> where did you play that from? >> from my mind cave. >> it seems weird and unseemly a little bit. you kind of sensed in o'reilly's voice that he was like, dude, tone it down a little bit. you're come iing off a little dorky. i guess they're very fearful. mitch mcconnell is in a political position right now, poll numbers are terrible. i guess it suggests she's a viable alternative. >> she hasn't even announced yet. >> either they're afraid of her or there's this other weird thing that goes on in politics. you have one random rich donor
7:55 pm
who is willing to fund only one particular project that he or she is into. and maybe there's somebody out there that just despises ashley judd. >> just hated her forever. >> for decades, yes. >> could it be swoozy kurtz, former "sisters" star? just kidding. could be another -- >> sam stein and ryan grimm, thank you so much for joining me this evening. coming up, late-night comedians get the last word. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
7:56 pm
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7:58 pm
the ultimate mudslide on the face of a fox news contributor, more mitt romney jokes, warnings about wardrobe malfunctions and bill clinton's gramny nomination. it was a good week for the late-night comedy writers.
7:59 pm
>> three presidents have won grammys. did you know that? >> pro, president bill clinton is nominated for best spoek spoken word. con, it's for his reading of "fifty shades of grey." i love nipples. >> and please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could possibly expose breast nipples. >> hillary clinton enjoys fashion week. >> really? >> likes to get in there, get a look at the new pant suits. >> spank me. >> today, the postal service announced that it will stop delivering mail on saturdays. postal workers were shocked. . they were like, we were supposed to deliver mail on saturdays? >> the justice department has concluded the president can order drone strikes on american citizens. today, rush limbaugh


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